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What To Wear Guide - Brisbane Photographer

One of the most common questions I get asked by my clients is - "What should I wear for my photo session?" Well I'm here to help! I want to share my top tips with you so that you can look and feel your best at your upcoming family photography session, engagement shoot, maternity shoot, you name it!

Be Yourself and Be Comfortable

First and most importantly, wear clothing that make you feels good and is authentically you. Whether it's a new outfit that makes you feel fresh or something tried and true, make sure your clothing is a reflection of your style and who you are. Treat your photoshoot like any important event you go to, you want to dress smart and timeless.

Colour Themes

I recommend choosing one patterned outfit and then looking at the colours on that item to choose plain items of clothing for the other family members. Alternatively, choose 3 or 4 colours that look good together and use that as your base. Think about where you will be, e.g. neutral warm tones like beige, maroon, navy and white work well in a green park or forest, whereas cooler tones like pastels and soft neutrals work best for a beach session. Remember to choose colours you like. Another thing to consider is what colours will work well with your interior, for when you display your photos in your home.

What to Avoid

  • Avoid matching. If you love navy and white, add in some extra shades of blue and perhaps a beige to break it up. Each person and personality will shine when there is more individuality in the colours and styles.

  • Avoid bright colours, patterns & avoid logos. While prints are great, bold patterns can distract the eye. Avoid slogans, cartoon characters or logos. They can be distracting and also mean your photos won’t be timeless. Very bright colours can also be distracting, opt for softer tones that compliment you and avoid wearing black.

  • Avoid fabric that creases. Whilst linen is stunning it does tend to crease in the folds of the arms and around your waist from sitting. I recommend choosing fabrics that don't crease or go out of shape with movement.

  • Avoid last minute hair cuts and plan ahead. Life is busy and it’s easy to forget about planning but family photographs will last a lifetime and are an investment so please take the time to consider how you want to be captured. Treat yourself to a new dress or something that makes you feel great. Maybe wear your old faithful but treat yourself to getting your hair styled.


You may be thinking, "This is all great advice, but my teenager isn't going to want to wear what I ask them to, HELP!" Well here's my top tip on this one - Let them be themselves, but encourage them to avoid school fads. It’s all about compromise. If hoop earrings are in, maybe leave out the oversized branded jumper or crop top. Try to avoid obvious printed tees or slogans and messages that will date. Bring out their confidence with accessories or single elements that showcase their personality. After all, they are developing a strong sense of who they are and this is what you ultimately want to see captured.

Remember, what's most important is to be yourself and have fun. Some of my clients like to take photos of their clothing options laid out on the bed and send it to me for advice. So please reach out if you want to and I will be happy to help and share my advice on what will look good on camera.

For more inspiration of some of my favourite colour combinations and outfits you can check out the Horizon Studios Pinterest board.


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